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Ready To Reclaim Your Sexiness?

Here is your personal invitation to join the Reclaim Your Sexiness Club. I am excited to bring you this powerful community of women from all over the globe who are determined to take back their bodies and boldly reclaim their sexiness.  

Who is the Reclaim Your Sexiness Club For?

The Online Reclaim Your Sexiness Club
 is for women who are you sick and tired of yo-yo dieting and are ready for a change.  They are typically women who made the decision that they want to get to the bottom of why they can't seem to stick to their wellness goals. They are ready to end the struggle with their body and food. The members in the community are willing to invest in themselves, stop making excuses and take massive action to create and live the body they deserve. This is the place for you if are ready to call a cease fire on your body, so you can stop obsessing and start living. This is also the place for you, if you are looking for solutions, tips, tools, inspiration to help you take back your body, reclaim your sexiness once and for all.

Success Tools

Monthly Guest Expert Interviews and Teleseminars series to help you get into the best shape of your life, not just your best body but your best inner diva as well.    The Reclaim Your Sexiness Club™ teleclasses are held on the Third Thursday of every month @ 8pm (est) |7pm (cst) | 6pm (mst) |5pm (pst).  We discuss topics such as

Reclaim Your Sexiness Mind Tools~ You will receive awesome tools to help get your head in the game.  One thing I know for sure is that, regardless of how great your eating and exercise plan is, if you do not silence your inner critic, you will find yourself sabotaging your results.  You will receive tools to help you tackle negative self talk in its tracks.    

Reclaim Your Sexiness Body Tools ~ You will get a lot of clarity around eating, meal planning and best tips on making your body a fat burning machine   


Meal Planning Tips~ You will receive healthy menu planning resources and tips to keep you stay on track    


 Reclaim Your Sexiness Club™  Audio Library 

Our audio library is a rich collection of expert interviews, and other calls that are available to help you move full speed ahead on your journey





Coaching and Accountability~


Receive coaching from Ange in The "Ask Ange" Forum, weekly check-ins  as well as participate in Live Q & A calls with Ange.

As a club member you will receive priority notification of all events and special training opportunities.

Once You become a member,you will have instant access to the archived calls and tons of juicy resources that are in the community.

Join the Club and receive the support you need to finally end the struggle and release the weight in a fun, easy, effortless way (and keep it)  once and for all. 


To Your Best Life,




Ange Anglade founder of the Reclaim Your Sexiness Movement is  a board certified holistic health coach, life coach, nutritionist and licensed social worker. She has combined her passion for social work and wellness to mentor busy professional women, executive women, career oriented women, coaches, consultants, who are successful in their business, not their weight, stand in their power and release weight permanently without deprivation, dieting or struggle.

Ange helps women get to the core of what's holding them back from releasing weight, so they can find their groove, ignite their power to transform their life and create their ideal body.  She uses a holistic approach guiding women through her proven easy to follow step-by-step Signature System “Reclaim Your Sexiness System: For the Woman Who’ve Tried it All” to help women ditch the diet mindset, break free from limiting beliefs, emotional blockages, so they can take back their bodies, reclaim their sexiness and start living their lives with purposeful intention rather by accident.