Several years ago, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and working with Jann'l Henry, a remarkable young lady full of energy, spunk, style and a whole lot flavor!  Although Jann'l appeared happy and bubble on the outside, just like me, deep within she desired to release weight, not only body fat but the "weight" that kept us from living our best life, the weight that kept us from truly embracing our "sexiness."


I'm sure you can relate! On the outside to the world we appeared to be two strong overly confident women but when we were together, we complained about our bodies, we bashed our thighs, hips, buttocks and tummy. We had absolutely nothing positive to say about our pear shaped body.  I recall several times, confessing to Jann'l  about how much I disliked the way I looked in the mirror, the way my lower body looked in certain clothing and how much I wished for a slim, toned, lower body.  I would share my dislikes about my body while drowning my sorrows in chocolate chip cookies, brownies, you named it . 

To be completely honest with you, I had a difficult time loving and embracing my reflection in the mirror. I wanted to fix, and change everything about my body every single time I passed by a mirror, until one day, Jann'l and I decided that we had enough of the nasty self talk, enough of the pity party. We were ready to stop complaining and no matter what attempts we made in the past to release weight, we were going to take action and RECLAIM OUR SEXINESS once and for all!   



When I talk to people about reclaiming their sexiness, I am not referring to the "sexy" that you might be thinking about.  Every woman on this planet is born with their very own sexiness, but sometimes that sexiness is lost because of poor self worth, low self esteem, not accepting and embracing who they truly are.

Our decision to reclaim our sexiness did involve our goal to lose body fat, to fit into smaller clothes but most importantly, were we on a mission to change our inner critic, to silence the negative thoughts, limiting beliefs that kept us stuck.   Trust me, there is nothing  sexy about constantly bashing your body, hating the way you look in the mirror and secretly hoping you had a smaller body while eating junk food.  There is nothing sexy about  looking confident on the outside while feeling insecure on the inside.  There is nothing sexy about "hiding" out in your clothes or hiding from taking pictures.  There is nothing sexy about putting your career first while your body is falling apart, there is nothing sexy about lying to yourself that "you can do this on your own, when you know you can't"  There is nothing sexy about not fully being in love with who you are.

"combined we released over 150lbs of  internal AND external weight" 


Our decision to reclaim our sexiness was bold, we stood in our power and for the first time, released the "weight".  We formed a pack, a sisterhood, a inner circle and supported each other until every weight that held us back was finally released. We stopped the nasty self talk, sabotaging patterns.  We called a truce, stopped bashing our bodies and put an end to the harsh judgements.  We released a lot of body fat, transformed our mind and body and we gained back our self confidence, self esteem, self worth, self acceptance and a healthy self-image. We reclaimed our right to not fall victim to society's definition of a perfect body, but created our own ideal body! 

These days you can find us standing in front of a mirror truly loving who and what we see staring back at us. We have fallen madly in love with ourselves.   We are not hiding out and pretending all is well. We are living our best life ever.   When you see Jann'l laughing and smiling, rest assured that she is not only happy on the outside but on the inside.  The same glow that radiates for the world to see, radiates inside her beautiful soul. If you were to ask Jann'l why is she so happy, she will replied.. "I released the weight, and reclaimed MY sexiness, I stopped stressing, obsessing and started living life with purposeful intention."


Want to connect with Jann'l you can find her hanging out on her blog Girls of Plenty, a blog designed to bridge the gap between ultra-trendy and ultra conservative plus size fashion.. find out more——> HERE

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Written by Ange Anglade

Ange Anglade, MSW, CHHC, is the founder of Ange Anglade Coaching and Consulting Services, a holistic lifestyle company dedicated to working with women and girls around health and emotional wellness. She has combined her passion for social work, along with her training in psychotherapy, emotional freedom technique and holistic nutrition to help women and girls freely and openly love themselves first without apology. It is her mission and life work to empower women and girls to embrace self love, self confidence and positive self talk into their soul.
Coined as an ambassador for emotional wellness; Ange develops holistic and wellness programs, coaching girls ages 8-17 through her innovative program girl INSPIRED™ to look within themselves and fully embrace their unique talents, skills and inner beauty. She works closely with women through her Weight Release Program, Reclaim Your Sexiness™ designed to empower women to get off the diet roller-coaster, breakthrough their limiting beliefs, heal their body story and end emotional eating for good. This unique holistic approach looks at the total picture to address all areas of a person’s life in relation to releasing excess weight, providing them with tools that they need to take back control of their life, creating balance and wholeness.