Hello beautiful women,

I wanted to quickly ask you this very important question.  Have you have reclaimed your sexiness? Why Not? If not now, when?

I am on Amtrak heading to New York City to celebrate one of my good friends 40th Birthday party and I decided to write a blog post about reclaiming your sexiness.  As I sat on the train, excited because I was going to spend time quality time with some of my closest childhood friends whom have all turned 40, I couldn’t help but remember when I turned  40  which was about 3 years ago.  During that time, I was excited and scared all at the same time.  Scared because I was about to enter another chapter of my life but excited because several years prior, I had made the decision to reclaim my sexiness, my right to stand within my very own power and declared that I was worth being #1 on the priority list. 

Prior to my declaration, I had spent years pleasing everyone, making sure everyone was happy and satisfied. I allowed myself to become overwhelmed, overworked, so I overate.     For years I watched my life pass before me and with each passing day  I knew that no matter how “happy” I showed the world, deep down inside I longed for the “Real me” to emerge,  take charge and demand that I love myself fully enough to take care of own my health, body and life.   Like most busy women with a very long to do list,  I ignored my body, not fully present, putting on clothes that didn’t truly represent or reflected the woman that I knew I was hiding inside. I buried my pain by doing more, helping people become their best, being that friend that everyone can count on. 

The day that I decided to reclaim my sexiness, I stood in my power and screamed ENOUGH ALREADY.  I had enough, enough of hiding behind my fat clothes, hiding behind  chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and other sugary fatty foods that gave me comfort.  I had enough of trying diet pills, shakes, excessive exercise that left me feeling worse, deprived and simply crying for a way out.  I had enough of pretending that I was too busy to care for my health because I was “chasing the dream of being highly successful  by any means necessary (even if I neglected my body).  I was tired of not recognizing the body I was  dressing.  I was tired of staring at my closet every single day only to pull out that same old staple outfit that hid the fat.   I was done with the lies, I had enough and it was time for Ange to come home.

That day I FREED myself.  Little by little, I peeled off layers of LIES and stories, I had told myself as well as  stories other people had told me.  I removed my desire to pretend that I had it all together, to appear to look PERFECT, to look a certain way and BE a certain person. I was finally free to be me, to reclaim my sexiness in the way that mattered the most.  I reconnect with my true essence, my inner diva, the true ME and the fat melted away .  I discovered that my battle with FOOD had nothing to do with FOOD but everything to do with me not being fully present and honoring my gifts, talents and living the life I was born to LIVE.    I was eating to please, eating to fill a void, eating just to be eating.  But once I started living in light, my body responded and gave me exactly what I wanted-> peace and balance. 

When was the last time you truly really STOPPED and spent time listening to your body, your inner wisdom, your true self?  When was the last time you took a long look at yourself and 100% adored the woman staring back at you?  Yes, You may know what to do but why aren’t you doing it? What’s stopping you? What’s stopping you from reclaiming your sexiness. 

It’s time for YOU to stand in your own power and declare ENOUGH.  It’s time to throw in the towel and give yourself a nice long overdue hug, its time to reconnect with your true essence. The time is right now.  

 To Your Best Health,  



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Written by Ange Anglade

Ange Anglade, MSW, CHHC, is the founder of Ange Anglade Coaching and Consulting Services, a holistic lifestyle company dedicated to working with women and girls around health and emotional wellness. She has combined her passion for social work, along with her training in psychotherapy, emotional freedom technique and holistic nutrition to help women and girls freely and openly love themselves first without apology. It is her mission and life work to empower women and girls to embrace self love, self confidence and positive self talk into their soul.
Coined as an ambassador for emotional wellness; Ange develops holistic and wellness programs, coaching girls ages 8-17 through her innovative program girl INSPIRED™ to look within themselves and fully embrace their unique talents, skills and inner beauty. She works closely with women through her Weight Release Program, Reclaim Your Sexiness™ designed to empower women to get off the diet roller-coaster, breakthrough their limiting beliefs, heal their body story and end emotional eating for good. This unique holistic approach looks at the total picture to address all areas of a person’s life in relation to releasing excess weight, providing them with tools that they need to take back control of their life, creating balance and wholeness.